Saturday, 18 April 2009

We went down to Buckingham Palace over the weekend. The children loved seeing the soldiers and the cherry blossoms.

We just got back from Spain, where the kiddies got to thoroughly enjoy the sun and sites. Here are the kids at the beach.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Max the Monkey

At Aidan's school they have a class mascot called Max the monkey. He is given out to reward good behavior and to help when the little ones get sad about something. Aidan had him twice this week. Once for being so good and once for hurting his knee. Hardly a scrape but apparently major drama in the playground. Aidan lost his tooth recently in French class and it was the talk of the weekend amongst the children. The tooth fairy left him two pounds, which now I come to think of it I think I now have in my bag. Must remember to give it back!

What this is about

As I sent out recent invites, this is a place I can post pictures and the latest daily happening's. I figure it's easier than emailing all the time and it will help everyone stay up to date around the world.

A day in the life of

It's Thursday and this is the children's afternoon:
- Snack time
- Reading homework for Aidan
- Violin practice for Aidan and Talia
- French practice for Aidan. Luckily Margarida has a good accent as mine isn't great. They are about to have dinner then I promised a rare bit of TV watching. Sounds like kiddie bootcamp!

A night at home

Talia and Aidan are sitting beside me on the bed while we watch some French children's videos on Youtube. One song has the words "oui-oui" for "yes-yes". Talia is giggling in a naughty way each time she hears it and says "wee-wee?!". Very funny for a not-quite-three year old.